Egypt Ice Hockey Experience

Egypt Ice Hockey Experience

Egypt Ice Hockey Experience

Under the Patronage of the Ministry of Youth & Sports, the Division of Sports Tourism and in partnership with the Egyptian Tourism Authority, Egyptian National Olympic Committee (ENOC) and Canada’s Friendship League, IBIS was proud to help organize the first major international Ice Hockey Sports Event in Egypt's history which took place from October 24-26, 2021, at the Ice Rink at Genena Mall, in Nasr City, Cairo.

Egypt Ice Hockey Experience 2021 (EIHE 2021) was hosted by Egypt Ice Hockey & Egypt Winter Sports who have been promoting winter sports in Egypt since they started playing ice hockey in Egypt in 2002. Canada's the Friendship League co-organized this important event.

Over 50 ice hockey enthusiasts from the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Finland participated in this very important event. Although Egypt does not currently have any winter sports federations or a national Ice Hockey team, Egypt Ice Hockey team has participated in several international ice hockey matches in Morocco, Canada, US, UAE, and Kuwait since 2016.

One of Egypt Ice Hockey’s main objectives is to establish an official winter sports federation, to ensure that Egyptian athletes and teams will participate in international sports events and the Winter Olympics. This mission has gotten the attention of top international media outlets including Reuters and ESPN.

Nancy Abdelhadi, CEO of IBIS, event organizers for EIHE 2021, said “The upcoming Egypt Ice Hockey Experience will be an excellent opportunity to highlight Egypt’s potential for sports tourism and in successfully hosting major sports events just like we did with the AFCON 2019 event. It’s important that this event is a great success so we can get the attention of public and private leaders to consider investing in the needed winter sports infrastructure that will allow us to fulfill our dream of developing winter sports in Egypt and hosting professional international winters sports events.”

This event helped raise awareness about the sport. Abdelhadi went on to say, “Like football, ice hockey is a contact sport, involving 2 teams and 2 nets. For this reason, we are hoping that this event will raise the interest of Egyptians and will encourage them to play the sport.”

Leading public, private, and non-profit institutions have partnered to ensure the success of this event including Egypt’s Rotary District 2451, the Egyptian Red Crescent, Pharco, BTC, Qruz, Precipio, Cerebrus, Elmasria Auto, Munch etc.

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